Just Prevent Bronchitis and Sinusitis: Here's How!

Brief explanation of bronchitis and sinusitis

Your nose is blocked or constantly running, your throat is scratchy, you have to cough, your voice sounds hoarse and you feel tired. These are all symptoms of ColdMoreover flu infection specified. With her – just like Bronchitis and sinusitis – mucous membrane inflammation. The difference between all three respiratory infections is which one is region Exactly affected:

  • in Cold Pathogens sit in Nose and throat area.
  • through one Bronchitis Germs are more common in two branches Outside.
  • During Sinusitis she paranasal sinuses affected.

You can prevent such an undesirable development by paying attention to a few things, especially during the cold rainy season.

Prevention: Recognize bronchitis

To be able to prevent bronchitis, it is first and foremost important Typical symptoms He distinguishes. Inflammation of the mucous membrane can occur in the lower bronchi acute or chronic form occur fall appear. Triggers are mostly VirusesIn addition to cold symptoms, fever occurs and laryngitis can also occur.

The typical sign of bronchitis is that saliva accompanied by coughing. The disease must be prevented from progressing now, at the latest, because bronchitis can progress to bronchitis without treatment lung infection Develop. So be careful here – this applies not only to you as a patient, because with appropriate measures, you can also protect the people around you from infection.

Prevention so that a cold does not turn into a sinus infection

The term sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinuses paranasal sinuses. This can also sharper And without further prevention in the course also in chronic form Present. In addition to cold symptoms, you’re acknowledging sinusitis feelings of pressure in the forehead and cheek area, Limited sense of smell and hearing Such as Difficulty nasal breathingThe mucous membranes swell and the nose feels stuffy.5 In contrast to a simple cold, the secretion is intensely yellow, possibly green, and drains with difficulty. If people with sinusitis bend their bodies forward, for example when standing, the feeling of pressure in the head may increase.

Preventing bronchitis or sinusitis with home remedies – is it possible?

Are you one of those people who finds even a harmless cold annoying? Prevention is very important so that further infections – such as bronchitis or sinusitis – do not occur. Come for this home remedies Just as questionable as Conscious Lifestyle Changes. This way, you can actually contribute to your daily routine To strengthen the immune system. All measures that keep your body in general shape help prevent respiratory diseases such as sinusitis or bronchitis:

  • Eat a varied dietColorful and botanical. This way you give your body a wide range of vitamins and minerals For a good defense.
  • drink enough Water and unsweetened tea. This provides fluids to help keep the lining of the airways moist and difficult to irritate.
  • moving Spend plenty of time in nature and be sure to wear appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.
  • go to the sauna And use the beneficial effect of Bathing by contrast.
  • benefit nose wash or nasal spraysfor example with sea salt to moisturize the mucous membranes of the nose.

With existing bronchitis and sinusitis saunas Favorite home remedy. They are used for prevention, but they also relieve acute symptoms and promote the drainage of stubborn mucus.

You can also try a little to prevent and relieve symptoms: Hong It is often used to improve the urge to cough in bronchitis Potato On the chest provides soothing warmth and makes it easier to loosen mucus. essential oils menthol It helps clear the cold associated with sinusitis and helps prevent nasal congestion. factory too sage As a tea or by inhalation, it has a calming effect and is a popular home remedy for colds, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

As you can see, there is no single effective advice against the development of respiratory infections. If you already have cold symptoms, you should additional And the Abstaining from physical activity. Make your lifestyle varied and healthy. Keep trying any home remedies that work for you personally and use them wisely. This way you can actually contribute a lot and at least prevent the development of a simple cold into bronchitis or sinusitis.


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