‘Jungle Camp’: Jan Coppen, the new mediator – ER against him

‘Jungle Camp’: Jan Coppen, the new mediator – ER against him

“Jungle Camp” 2023: Jan Koppen becomes the new supervisor – of all people, this former camp criticized him

Jungle Camp: Five facts about Dr. Bob you don’t know

Jungle Camp: Five facts about Dr. Bob you don’t know

Dr. Bob has always been a part of the popular RTL reality show “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” roster. Before each exam, the forest doctor informs the candidates about the challenges and risks. But what about Dr. Does Bob actually know?

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The cat is out of the bag: Jan Coben succeeds Daniel Hartwich as responsible forjungle camp2023 on me! RTL has officially announced it. But not everyone seems happy with the announcer’s decision.

Daniel Hartwich has been the man on Sonia Zeitlow’s team for nearly ten years – at least in the “jungle campThe medial duo led their trashy TV fans through “I’m a Superstar – Get Me Out of Here” for two weeks each year. 2023 Viewers should get used to Jan Coppen’s face.

“Jungle camp” 2023: RTL introduces a new medium, but this does not fit the previous camp at all

Such a change after so long is a matter of getting used to for many. After all, moderators are an important symbol of the program and should fit into the format. Isn’t that the case with Jan Coben? After all, it is already represented in some popular RTL formats, for example, “Ninja Warrior” and “Take me out”.

And if ex-camp Julian FM Stoeckel gets his way, RTL can also leave him in these formats with Jan Coppen as manager! The artist publicly expressed his clear opinion.

Jungle Camp 2023: Julian FM Stoekel sharply shoots Jan Coppen

“Pity! There are a lot of fit mates,” Julian FM Stoekel said in a Facebook post announcing RTL for Hartwich’s successor. After all, he has garnered 380 likes (as of July 9) for his statement.

But some do not agree with this opinion at all: “Very good! A very likable man,” says one of the women. Another Facebook user confirms “a good successor.”


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‘Jungle Camp’ 2023: Many viewers are satisfied that Jan Koppen is the successor

We will find out at the beginning of 2023 if Jan Coppen can really deal with cockroaches and starving celebrities …

Also interesting if you like ‘jungle camp’: winner Filip Pavlovic revealed what he did with his prize money >>> (cf)


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