EMDR therapy can be effectively performed online using

# New Study Confirms: EMDR Therapy Can Be Effectively Done Online Using “remotEMDR”

Worcester, England

An academic study confirms for the first time that the #Online #EMDR #Therapy procedure with “remotEMDR”, the world’s leading online MDR treatment platform, is safe, effective, effective and convenient.

#Eye #Movement #Desensitization and #Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence-based psychotherapy recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the number one treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). COVID-19 has forced many psychotherapists to switch to online therapy. In a study just published in Frontiers in Psychology, one of the world’s leading specialist journals, the effectiveness of EMDR therapy was examined using #videoconferencing #psychotherapy (VCP).

The study was conducted using a web platform called “remotEMDR”, which allows therapists to present #EMDR as a VCP. “remotEMDR” delivers HIPAA compliant #video with integrated, fully synchronized dual visual, auditory, and sensory stimuli that therapists can fully operate and control in real time. In addition, there is a Therapist Find a #Therapist, a directory of EMDR therapists, which enables clients to perform a targeted search in the comprehensive professional guide to ‘remotEMDR’.

Information about #study

Research team about Dr. Derek Farrell has worked with the universities of Worcester, Northumbria, Ulster and Massachusetts. Dr Farrell is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Worcester (UK), Chair of the #EMDR #UK and #Ireland, Chair of Trauma Aid Europe, Vice-Chair of the EMDR Europe Board of Directors and Chair of the EMDR Europe Practice Committee.

Twenty-four participants took part in a one-day treatment with the ‘Blind 2 Therapist’ (VB2Tr) virtual therapy protocol, in which traumatic memories are not detected. The study examined changes in key traits of trauma memory during treatment, including subjective distress, cognitive validity, memory density, vividness, and affectivity. It was also examined whether this intervention was effective in both negative and positive childhood experiences.

Initial and posttest#test#design were used to examine the effect on trauma memory immediately after treatment intervention and one and six months later. The research hypotheses were confirmed – there was a significant change in all aspects of the tested memory. EMDR technology via VCP with “remotEMDR” has been proven to be safe, relevant, effective and effective for desensitizing and treating traumatic memories.

encouraging results

Study results are promising. To cite the study conclusion: “Research results indicate that EMDR therapy” VB2Tr is an effective, appropriate, and safe trauma intervention. In addition, the results demonstrate its clinical relevance and applicability as a trauma intervention. Furthermore, the “remotEMDR” program provided a highly effective platform for performing EMDR therapy as a VCP.

This study is the first in a series to be conducted and published in the near future.

Information about “remotEMDR”

“remotEMDR” is an Israeli #start #up company founded in 2018 by Neta Gazit, LCSW, EMDR Processor, Lior Gazit and Tal Bar, both experienced #tech leaders. Ms. Gazit’s idea was to find a solution to conduct EMDR sessions when the therapist and client are in two different locations. Together, the three developed and launched the platform before the outbreak of Covid 19, just in time to make it an indispensable tool used by more than twenty thousand processors worldwide.


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