Joe Biden: The US government is suing electoral reform in Georgia الإصلاح

The United States government is taking legal action against a restrictive change in state election law Georgia Before. “In our case, we announce that recent amendments to the Georgia Elections Act were passed with the intention of denying or restricting the right to vote to black citizens of Georgia on the basis of race or skin color,” said US Attorney Merrick Garland. Washington. The United States must protect every citizen’s right to vote.

The state’s Congress passed the election law in March. It makes voting by mail more difficult and in some cases shortens polling station opening times. It also gives the state parliament more powers to intervene in the election process. Third parties are also prohibited from speaking to voters in line – even offering them water or food is a crime.

Democratic President of the United States Joe Biden He cited the Georgia law earlier this year as an example of modern racism. He said Republicans created long queues to vote themselves by reducing the number of polling stations “disproportionately in black neighborhoods.”

Looking at the racist Jim Crow laws that blacks use in United States of America “This is Jim Crow of the 21st century,” Biden said until the 1960s.

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