Jared: A young woman was bitten by mosquitoes more than 200 times

Jared: A young woman was bitten by mosquitoes more than 200 times

A young woman found herself caught up in a mosquito attack and was bitten more than 200 times while working in a watermelon field in the Gard district.

What fly bite this mosquito? Manon, from Herault who left for Gard to do a study on watermelons, was the victim of an unusual mosquito attack, with nearly 200 bites all over her body.

The scene took place last Monday, as the young woman was surveying the fields located in Forkis, on the edge of the Camargue Regional Nature Park. “I’ve never seen that before. They got everywhere, in my mouth, under my sunglasses… The most surprising thing was that some of my colleagues weren’t bitten,” Manon explained. Daily Medilibre who also claimed to have been wearing long clothes.

When I got home I found my legs were swollen and covered in blisters. She said sorry I counted over 200. The problem is that the pain was not diminishing. I had a burning sensation. I couldn’t sleep or just touch my legs.”

Four days of suffering

Antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, and corticosteroids will eventually overcome Manon’s ordeal, four days after the attack. Despite everything, “The doctor ordered me to stop working and clearly advised me not to expose myself to mosquitoes again, as Manon captivated. He had never seen such a reaction before.

Female mosquitoes are attracted to standing water.

Now, the young lady will have to find another training away from mosquitoes. But it can be complicated in the summer…


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