'He really tested everything': Jürgen Drews announces the end of his career

“I really tried everything”
Jürgen Drews announces the end of his career

He’s been on the big stage for decades – and now pop star Jürgen Drews is declaring the end of his career. Starting next year, it should completely end up being public. The age is remarkable, says the 77-year-old.

Pop singer Jürgen Drews wants to end his career and bid farewell to the stage at the end of the year. This 77-year-old announced on the ARD show “The Big Schlager Beach Party” with Florian Silbereisen.

“It’s time to put my private life first,” Drews said. “You’ll be able to meet me at one event or another this year and see me on TV, but at the end of this year I’ll say goodbye to the stage.” In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. He is no longer as flexible as he used to be and feels so good to be at home.

Drews had already announced at the end of May that he wanted to step down for now – he stated that he suffers from the neurological disease polyneuropathy. “I don’t feel any pain, but the body and condition change,” he said in the current interview.

He also feels the side effects of aging, feels more tired than before and “has its ups and downs.” Regarding his future retirement, Drews said, “I’m sure I’m going to miss the stage at some point, but I’ve really experienced everything in the more than 60 years I’ve been doing this work.”


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