“It’s Still Very New”: Jenny Elvers and Mark Terence are a couple

“It’s still fresh”
Jenny Elvers and Mark Terence couple

During the filming of a new TV show in Thailand, a spark is said to have occurred between singer Mark Terence and actress Jenny Elvers. According to friends, the two are very serious about their relationship.

Mark Terence has recently officially returned to solitude. In early March, he confirmed his separation from his girlfriend Vivian – the two had been a couple for a total of three years. But apparently the singer butterflies in the stomach again. Jenny Elvers should be responsible for that. As RTL has learned from the intimate environment of the two, the composer and actress are a couple. Both Terence and Elvers have not yet commented when asked about this.

The two met in January during the filming of the new TV show “Club of Good Moods” in Thailand, according to the “Built” newspaper. TV broadcaster Sat.1 sends ten celebrities on club vacations. According to the broadcaster, celebrities who want to enjoy staying as much as possible have to prove themselves in a playful way to other major club holiday makers.

About two weeks ago, according to “Built”, Elvers was found in a hotel in Berlin where Terence currently resides. Last Sunday he shared the mysterious words on Instagram: “Then, there is someone who knows what to do …”! It is now clear who these lines are aimed at. “It’s still new,” the Bild newspaper quoted a mutual friend as saying. “Jenny and Mark are absolutely in love and take their relationship very seriously.”

Terence spoke to RTL after the Liebes-Aus headlines about the background to the split. “We’re still good friends. We broke up for good. We both want to focus on our lives,” he explained. In his separation statement, he explained that he and Vivian had already drawn the line a few months ago.


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