It will likely be Amazon Prime Day earlier this year

Amazon Day is usually celebrated in the summer. Last year, the date was significantly postponed due to the epidemic and poor product availability. Amazon doesn’t want to stick with the new date, however, because Prime Day almost got in the way of Black Friday and the Christmas business last year. Betrayal Internal sources More on this year’s history from Amazon.

This year, Prime Day will take place much sooner than previous dates, but even a little earlier than around 2019. It is said from several internal and anonymous sources that Amazon wants to hold a Prime Day this year in June. As in previous years, Prime Day will take place over several days. The exact date is unknown. But we should instead expect the second half of the month. founder and acting president, has been blogging here and only here since 2008. All inquiries are to me, in the comments or via the linked networks. More by Denny Fisher


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