“It’s so embarrassing”
When Lenny Klum is ashamed of his mother

20 years after Heidi Klum, her daughter Lenny now graces the cover of a fashion magazine called “Glamor”. In the process, the 16-year-old chats a little with ordinary people and speaks openly about moments when his famous mother is particularly embarrassed for him.

When Lenny Klum talks about his new job on TV and chats about his personal life, he has made it public that he will be decorating the next magazine cover soon. But not only the 16-year-old has a comment in Procyban’s VIP magazine “Red”.

“Many people say yes, Lenny looks like me. But I don’t think so. She’s coming after my mom,” Heidi Klum said in an interview during the cover shooting for the film “Glamor”. Grandma Erna is also there and supports her granddaughter, who can now see where her mother’s face appeared 20 years ago.

When Mom and Grandma answer questions in German, Lenny Klum speaks English. Because, as he explains, she is comfortable in interviews in her native language. “If the others at the table didn’t understand, I would sometimes speak German to my mom,” Lenny continues about life at the Gloom home with his three siblings.

“She’s starting to sing so loud”

When asked if her mother is particularly embarrassed, Lenny is ready for an immediate response to Gloom. “When she takes me to school, when my classmates stand in front of the school she turns on the music so loud that she can see and hear everything. When I open the door she starts to sing loudly. I’m very embarrassed,” he reveals, but it’s not happening for long. After all, due to corona infection, he is currently out of school; They are closed in the United States.

Lenny Klum has been modeling for four months and already has over 750,000 followers on Instagram. He was last seen as a guest on “Germany’s Next Top Model” this season, before which he attached the cover of German “Vogue” to Heidi Klum. Exactly 20 years after his mother, he is now featured on the cover of “Glamor” magazine’s annual magazine.

In an interview with the magazine on the cover, Lenny explains: “You don’t need specific measurements to be a model today. In this regard, many things have changed for the better in recent years.” He also talks about the responsibility of his generation: “We have to make corrections for what our grandparents neglected and take care of the earth. It affects every part of life. (…) Climate change is one of the biggest problems on this planet. So we all have to deal with this.” “

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