Introducing the Bio Prep Watch websites own At a Glance widget to learn more about the content

Google’s At a Glance feature, which provides users with quick access to their calendar events, weather updates, and other relevant information, is set to receive a new addition. A recent update reveals an “About this content” section that appears when users long-press on At a Glance.

The “About this content” section aims to provide users with more insights into the source of the displayed information. It clarifies that the current content is sourced from the user’s phone and their activity within Google products. Additionally, it specifies that the temperature displayed is sourced from and utilizes the user’s location for accurate weather information.

To further assist users in understanding this feature, Google has made available a support article for more detailed information. In addition, a website link is provided to open the content, allowing users to access additional resources if they desire.

It is worth mentioning that the “About this content” panels are not limited to just At a Glance but are also available for Calendar events and Google Tasks. However, it is important to note that when users click on these panels, they still open a web experience instead of the installed app.

One of the key benefits of At a Glance is its flexibility, allowing users to customize what updates and information are displayed according to their preferences. This can be done through the settings page, giving users full control over the content they see.

At present, the “About this content” feature is only appearing on one Android 14 device. This update is part of a broader visual overhaul for At a Glance, which includes a new pill-shaped design. The redesigned feature may also introduce the ability for users to mark content suggestions as “Useful” or “Not useful,” potentially helping Google better understand user preferences.

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Furthermore, the upcoming OS release is expected to change the design of At a Glance on the lockscreen to a one-line format. However, this design choice may pose challenges when information such as the day/date and weather are presented side-by-side, potentially wasting valuable screen space. Nevertheless, these design inconsistencies are likely to be resolved once the new version of At a Glance is fully rolled out.

Overall, these updates to Google’s At a Glance feature aim to enhance user experience by providing more transparency and customization options. By better explaining the source of content and allowing users to personalize their information feed, Google is ensuring that At a Glance remains a useful and convenient tool for Android users.


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