Interior Minister Visser:

BInterior Minister Nancy Visser (SPD) has expressed concern about the dramatically increasing number of refugees coming to Germany via the Balkans. Visser told WELT news channel on Tuesday that many of the migrants appeared to have entered the Serbian capital, Belgrade, via the airport there as well, and then made their way to Germany. She announced talks with Serbia on “the reason for the sudden increase in immigration.”

“We see an increase in immigration through the Czech Republic, through Austria – to Germany as well,” the minister said. “I’ve already talked to my colleagues about what we can do together.”

Weser showed understanding of the calls of Saxony’s Interior Minister Armin Schuster (SPD), who spoke of a sharp increase in the number of refugees. “That’s right what Saxony is watching,” Wesser said. “We have been monitoring this for two weeks and we are already taking measures to redirect the movement there as well,” he added.

The Home Secretary said the federal government is helping with the facilities with state-owned properties. “So far we still have sufficient capacity, but it is very limited.” That is why organizations have invited the municipal university to their ministry to talk about how to move forward.


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