Avoid 3 common mistakes

Diet Over 50: Avoid 3 Common Mistakes

1. Little protein

Protein is an important part of our diet and should be consumed in adequate amounts every day – the general recommendation of the German Dietetic Association (DGE) is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight for adults. As we get older, we should consume more protein as muscle and bone mass decreases. No later than the onset of menopause, you should pay special attention to protein intake, since your body can no longer use protein as effectively as before. Another plus: Since protein-containing foods fill us up and stimulate fat burning, they prevent weight gain as part of a healthy diet.

2. Irregular meals

Job, family, and family – In our fifties, we’re middle-aged and have more to do than ever before. Due to time constraints, we like to skip lunch at the office and eat more in the evening. However, irregular eating habits can increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, which in any case increases during menopause. Eating regularly is important to provide the body with energy and nutrients and to prevent food cravings.

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3. Low-fiber diet

Fruits, vegetables, whole grain products or legumes – foods that should end up on our plates regularly. Not only because they provide us with a variety of valuable vitamins and minerals, but also because of the fiber they contain. These are known for their health-promoting effect, which has been shown to be particularly beneficial from the age of 50: among other things, dietary fiber can lower cholesterol levels and thus prevent cardiovascular disease. Due to its saturating effect, consumption also fights obesity. Our digestion, which often becomes sluggish during menopause, also benefits from the digestive stimulating effect of dietary fiber.


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