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UN rights chief expresses alarm over high number of injuries in clashes involving Eritrean protesters in Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel – Violent clashes broke out during a demonstration against a pro-regime event organized by the Eritrean embassy, resulting in over 140 injuries and raising concerns among human rights advocates. The UN rights chief has called for an immediate investigation into the incident and for a commitment to avoid hate speech and uphold the principle of non-refoulment.

The clashes erupted outside a venue that was set to host a pro-regime event organized by the Eritrean embassy in Israel. However, anti-government Eritreans gathered to prevent the event from taking place, leading to a heated confrontation between pro- and anti-regime groups.

The situation quickly escalated, with street battles between rival groups and Israeli police attempting to restore order. Shockingly, a dozen Eritrean asylum seekers were reportedly hit by gunfire, apparently from Israeli police. This has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the use of excessive force.

The UN rights chief has expressed deep concern over the high number of injuries and called for a thorough investigation into the clashes. Additionally, the rights chief has emphasized the importance of avoiding hate speech and promoting respect for the principle of non-refoulment, which prohibits the forced return of refugees to places where they may face persecution.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also weighed in on the situation, suggesting that 1,000 Eritreans who participated in the unrest should be deported. This statement has further fueled the debate surrounding the treatment of Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel.

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According to June statistics, there are currently 17,850 Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel, highlighting the significance of the issue. The clashes in Tel Aviv are not isolated incidents, as confrontations between supporters and opponents of Eritrea’s government have also occurred elsewhere in the city.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the treatment of Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel and the need for comprehensive immigration policies that ensure the protection of human rights. It remains to be seen how the government will address the concerns raised by the UN rights chief and the international community regarding the clashes and the treatment of Eritrean asylum seekers.

As tensions persist, the international community will closely monitor the situation in Israel to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals involved while advocating for a fair and just resolution.


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