Posted on Oct 19, 2021 at 1:54pm

“Because everything is ready for the influenza vaccination campaign, we are moving forward with its launch,” Health Minister Olivier Veran announced Monday evening on Twitter. So the French will be able to vaccinate on Friday if they are part of the recommended categories.

These are mainly people over 65 and pregnant women, as well as people with certain diseases such as asthma, diabetes, heart failure, AIDS … There is talk, here, about vaccination ‘in the city. For example, ask their doctor or pharmacist. In Nursing homes, the campaign began last Monday, and caregivers, for their part, will also be able to get vaccinated from Friday.

Open to all on November 22

Originally, the French had to wait until October 26 to get their flu shot. The Ministry of Health finally preferred to speed up. In question: the Covid-19 virus, against which the vaccination campaign is still underway.

Especially at-risk French people can be injected with a third dose of the anti-Covid virus vaccine since the beginning of September. These are often the same people who are advised to get the flu shot, especially the elderly. Health authorities want to kill two birds with one stone.

The Directorate General of Health (DGS) – which relies on the ministry – explained Monday in a note to caregivers. As for non-priority French, they will have to wait until November 22, even if the DGD left the possibility to advance the date. The High Authority for Health (HAS) recently confirmed that there is no risk in vaccinating against Covid-19 and against influenza. The only recommendation: sting on the arms, not just one.

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