Influenza epidemic spreads in the region of Occitanie


Health: a flu epidemic is spreading in the Occitanie region
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The influenza epidemic continues to spread in France, especially in Occitanie. The area has been put into an epidemic stage.

In his clinic near Montpellier (Hérault), doctor Bertrand Viugere sees more and more patients with the disease every day. flu. This sudden rise in cases worries him. “About 30% of the sick population is affected. In 2020, the population is well protected, but it is a little less now”, the doctor explains.

Patients are more vulnerable and less protected. This can be explained by the fact that few of them have been vaccinated against influenza this year. In a Montpellier pharmacy, finding a dose of the flu vaccine is no problem. A pharmacist has never seen such a lack of interest in this vaccine on the part of patients. To slow the epidemic, the authorities are calling on the French, especially the most vulnerable, to vaccinate and maintain gestures of barrier.

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