An increase bonus.. an agreement reached between the government and the unions

The protocol in particular includes a medical training bonus of 240 euros per month and an average salary increase of 78 euros.

On Monday, the government announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the majority of hospital unions on midwives. After a “long consultation process”, three ministers (Health, Civil Service, Families) welcomed in a press release the “significant progress” of this document initialed by Fors Aufrière, CFDT and Unsa, as well as the Federation of Hospitals in France (FHF). ) by employers.

The MoU notably includes a “medical practice bonus” of €240 per month net from February, then an average salary increase of €78 as of March for midwives in public hospitals, which is “permanent or contractual”.

By adding these measures to the 183 euros of Ségur Health paid since the end of 2020, the government is introducing a “net revaluation of 500 euros per month”. The amount has increased significantly compared to the 360 ​​euros per month that Olivier Veran promised in mid-September.

Before a dark weekend

In the end, the executive argues for “a commitment of €100 million in 2022” and also agrees to extend studies of future midwives, from 5 to 6 years of promotion in 2022. So the list has grown in two months. Meanwhile, the profession rallied on the occasion of a day of demonstrations in early October – the sixth of this year – and two strikes over the weekend.

But protocol comes to cut the union cordon in two ahead of a new “black weekend” scheduled for November 26-29, at the invitation of the ONSSF (categorically) and backed by the CGT.

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Among the signatories, “we’re not saying it’s enough, but it’s an interim agreement that’s still positive,” underscores Gil Gadir (FO), who intends to “keep working” on the situation and the workforce.

“We will sign because there is still progress, even if we remain unsatisfied,” said Jean-Claude Stutz (ONSA), estimating that “the government should not think that it has done away with the problem.”


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