MSV Duisburg - VfL Osnabrück: After a racist incident - the canceled match has been rescheduled
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After a racist incident – the abandoned match will be rescheduled

MSV Duisburg, VfL Osnabrück MSV Duisburg, VfL Osnabrück

Match abandoned in Duisburg: Osnabrück professional Aaron Opoko (left) in conversation with referee Nicholas Winter (centre)

Source: Getty Images / Christof Koepsel

Just a few days after the match in the third division was abandoned, the sports court of the German Football Association (DFB) ordered the match to be replayed. Aaron Opoko of VFL Osnabrück was racially abused by a spectator at a match in Duisburg.

aIt was Sunday when a racial scandal overshadowed the match in the third division – and the match between MSV Duisburg and VFL Osnabrück was called off. Now the German Football Association (DFB) Sports Court has issued its verdict and has ordered the match to be replayed.

The reason for the break in the 35th minute is that Argentinian footballer Aaron Opoko was insulted from the stands in a very racist manner. Both teams, as well as referee Nicholas Winter and his team, left the field. VfL Osnabrück found himself unable to continue playing after a short period of reflection. Then the game was canceled.

‘A clear sign against racism’

The frequency of the match corresponds to the requests of the respective clubs. The German Football Association’s control committee also spoke in favor of replaying the match.

“The incident is a special, non-standard case, which, regardless of any fault of the clubs involved, justifies a replay of the match in the opinion of the CAS. Emotionally and morally, we consider VfL Osnabrück’s decision not to continue the game as understandable,” said Stefan Oberholz, Vice-President of the German Football Association Tribunal. Football, in a letter from the German Football Association: “The intent to set an example against racism also has our explicit support.” It is basically alone up to the arbitrator. We also expressly point out that in the future, similar cases of abandonment of a game must always be taken into account, The severity of the offense, the offender’s profile, the time and the score are closely related to the rating of the game.”

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The German Football Association (DFB) court will decide separately on possible penalties against MSV Duisburg for racist insults after charges were brought by the German Football Association’s monitoring committee.

The two clubs welcomed the decision in a joint letter. “But we also hope that this abandonment will continue to be a one-time event,” said Duisburg president Ingo Wald. Dutch Football Association president Holger Alexmann confirmed that both clubs had “put a clear signal against racism and for humanity through their behaviour, and the German Football Association joined the refereeing”.

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