Individualized treatment options for people living with HIV

Everyone has a completely unique personality that has a huge impact on the way you live your life. Individual characteristics, desires, and needs are all an important part of this personality. Externally, these are usually not visible to others at first glance and remain hidden if not actively shared.

Our own needs in particular determine how we live our lives. But often we don’t really realize it ourselves. We can only consciously shape our lives in such a way as to make us feel happy and have a high quality of life if we truly know our needs.

The art of accepting yourself

For people living with HIV, accepting the diagnosis also plays a major role in maintaining their quality of life: because HIV can only become a smaller part of life if you don’t allow it to take over you in everyday life.

You can do this in different ways: first of all, it is important to look inward. If you get well informed about HIV and the positive life and find a comfortable way to deal with it, it leads to self-acceptance. But it is also helpful to create an external environment in which, as a person living with HIV, you are accepted for who you are – with all the colorful aspects of your personality – and where others do not know you only through the virus.

Consciously shape your life with HIV yourself

If you can accept yourself for the way you are, you have a good foundation for consciously re-establishing yourself in life with HIV. Because even if the diagnosis has been a long time coming, in addition to regular visits to the doctor, there are other actions and life situations that a person living with HIV has to deal with.

For example, it is important to integrate treatment well into daily life so that it restricts or burdens you as little as possible – such as unwanted effects or psychological stress, such as hiding HIV medication for fear of discovery.

You also need HIV treatment that is directed to you and your unique personality, according to the motto “My treatment is based on me, not on me.”

How do I find the right treatment for me?

In order to find the best treatment for you, it helps to consider your current situation first: Do you travel a lot and feel stressed by worrying about forgetting your tablets? Or maybe taking pills daily is a burden because it’s a regular reminder of your HIV status, which otherwise plays no role in life?

Basically, it helps if you see HIV treatment as a friend rather than an enemy. Therapy is a companion that protects you without interference. You don’t simply have to accept mental stress or unwanted effects. There are now various innovative treatment options that are better tolerated than many of the older therapies.

In addition to the daily tablet, there are also injection or infusion options. Knowing these different treatment options is of great importance, because in this way you can actively search for solutions on your own and, together with the doctor, select the one from the different treatment options that best suits your life and therefore HIV to a lesser extent every day.

Discussing with other people living with HIV about their treatment, for example with friends or as part of self-help, can also be helpful. In such conversations, one learns other perspectives and quickly realizes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ HIV medicine, but that each person deserves an individualized treatment that fits their life.

Individual HIV treatment – what is it actually?

When choosing the appropriate individual therapy, the doctor first checks whether all available options are available or whether there is a possible resistance to some active substances.

Personal preferences also play an important role in the choice: for example, do you prefer daily pills or do you prefer shots or injections because you feel tired from taking pills, have difficulty swallowing, or simply do not want to be reminded of your HIV status every day?

If your current treatment is not in line with your needs and desires, you should check with your doctor about options to change or simplify treatment.

Find the perfect treatment with your doctor

An open discussion with a doctor about different treatment options has the advantage of not only looking at the current situation, but also informed about future developments.

Just as there is great diversity among people living with HIV, there is indeed a wide variety of options for treating HIV: there are now different substances, different methods of treatment, many forms of administration – in addition to tablets, there are also injections or injections There will be more And more new options in the future.

Just as you can decide for yourself with most tablets today whether to take them in the morning, noon, or evening, you can also choose between different forms of treatment—injections, tablets, or infusions—along with your doctor, whichever is your personal preference.

When choosing from various treatment options, you are now in the lucky position that you can choose them according to your own needs and suit your own life and you no longer have to worry about the effectiveness of modern treatments. Choosing the right HIV treatment is no longer a necessity. So it is this free choice among many possibilities that contributes to making HIV a smaller part of life.

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