Pinga app: claustrophobia – symptoms and treatment

Pinga app: claustrophobia – symptoms and treatment

Claustrophobia It is a factor that should be discussed as much as possible, along with many other psychological problems. On, this psychological problem is covered in detail, from its meaning, causes, and symptoms to possible solutions and medical treatments that can be used to overcome it.

What is claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is the fear of confined or confined spaces. Adrenaline levels peak, and fear quickly explodes in a person when they find themselves in places like tunnel, train, cabin, and other small places. Such places leave the individual in a relatively vulnerable state, which makes him feel vulnerable in front of any negative event that he imagines at that time and moment.

Why is claustrophobia dangerous?

As simple as claustrophobia sounds, it is a condition that should not be overlooked. It is dangerous for the emotional state of a person who is a victim of a psychological problem. In the situation where a person is stuck in a confined space, an emotional imbalance occurs that can lead to a traumatic experience for these individuals, even when there is no sign of danger.

The following are symptoms or consequences of a condition such as claustrophobia:

  • Increased heartbeat and pulse: The person who is a victim of this phenomenon is in a state of constant turmoil. They have an increased heart rate in confined spaces, which can lead to a full or partial stroke.
  • Profuse Sweating: Profuse sweating is inevitable as this is a sign of discomfort and discomfort.
  • Difficulty breathing: This is another symptom of claustrophobia where the heart continues to live without a rhythm and with full force.

All of this and more makes claustrophobia dangerous, and knowing more about it can help you. Visit the Pinga app for more information.

How to overcome the fear of enclosed spaces?

Claustrophobia is a psychological problem that is best managed through therapy. With the help of a therapist familiar with this feeling, a person can be guided by a professional on their path to overcoming claustrophobia.

Having an exercise routine is also vital as it helps to relax the nerves and feel free from the mental distress their minds have created in them.

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