Brock In Prague, divisions of volunteer firefighters from Lysology and Sushtol were vaccinated against Govt-19 on Saturday, although according to the government’s vaccination strategy, they are not in the priority groups. The list of the first servers was announced on Sunday. According to Hashim Server, the mayor was presented by the mayor of Prague, Peter Hupuyuk (STAN), for which he was criticized by health councilor Milena Jonov (Brock Soap). In addition to his postgraduate degree, Hulbaugh is mayor of Lysology.

Lucy Zariov, who now runs a vaccination center at the aesthetic clinic, wrote to the Hulbok server that she had been vaccinated against the fire. He volunteered to fire in our units and we drank this offer, he said. NMSTEC and his party colleague and Sushtol Mayor Peter Hazle said they got the fire vaccine because the doctor was on full alert throughout the epidemic.

According to Jono, in practice the rules were violated and, according to them, seniors should be given priority. I do not understand the change in practice, and if it is true, it is a violation of the rules. It is now absolutely necessary to measure only the most vulnerable groups in the population, he said. According to the server, Primer wants to run Ztenk Hip (Pirti).

Vaccine co-ordinator for vaccine Martin Geek and the mayor of the hip server say a firefighter, a police officer or a punch can get a vaccine, and in some vaccinated cities there is still an open bottle with unused doors at the end of the day otherwise drink. Jacob Firdaus, commander of the entrance division of the Suzuki Volunteer Fire Brigade, wrote that the list was first given to them the day before, that is, in the bird.

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