In a bathrobe, behind the FSB: Wagner’s mercenary has made his escape to Norway

In a bathrobe, behind the FSB
Wagner Soldner managed to escape to Norway

A presumably high-ranking ex-Wagner fighter successfully escapes to Norway in a cloak-and-dagger operation. As amazing as his escape is, his statement could be just as important. According to one account, he served in the unit that executed a man with a sledgehammer.

According to the Norwegian authorities, a former fighter of the Wagner mercenary group entered Norway and applied for political asylum. It is said that Andrei Medvedev was a high-ranking member of the Wagner Group. The responsible authorities of the Associated Press news agency confirm that he has taken refuge in Norway.

Last week, Norwegian police said a person had illegally crossed the border from Russia. The man, initially identified only as a foreigner, was arrested by border guards after he allegedly visited a private house in the border area on Friday night and asked for help. He was later identified as Andrei Medvedev, as reported by several Norwegian media outlets.

Russian-language independent news site “MedusaHe writes that Medvedev was said to have served as commander of the unit that included Yevgeny Nozin, himself a former Wagner mercenary who was apparently executed with a sledgehammer by the group, according to a video leaked online in November.

According to the Russian Human Rights Organization Medvedev has turned his back on Wagner’s band after the expiration of his four-month contract, which was signed in July. According to Medvedev, the contract should now be extended. Apparently, they say, this was a reason for flight in a report Vaughn “”.

Does he testify against Prigozhin?

Dogs followed Medvedev as he fled, reported, and agents from the Russian secret service FSB shot him dead. In a publication published by the organization Video Medvedev describes his escape, as “” reports. He is said to have reached the Russian border town of Nikil with the help of his supporters in Murmansk. From there he is said to have scaled the barbed wire fence in a white bathrobe and walked across the frozen Pasvikelva River. This information has not been independently verified.

According to numerous media reports, Medvedev is said to be ready to testify before the Norwegian authorities and in international criminal proceedings about atrocities committed by the Wagner Group and also about Wagner’s boss Yevgeny Prigozhin.


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