Afghanistan: Taliban-Kritikirin Mersal Nabizada (32) Total | Politician

Afghanistan: Taliban-Kritikirin Mersal Nabizada (32) Total |  Politician

In Afghanistan, a politician is killed for the first time since the Taliban took power!

A number of gunmen killed former MP Mersal Nabizadeh, 32, and one of her bodyguards on Sunday evening. The perpetrators broke into Nabizada’s home in Kabul around 3am, injuring her brother and another bodyguard. Nabizada was shot several times in the chest and head. She died in her office on the first floor.

It is not clear who the perpetrators are and what their motive is. Local police chief Maulvi Hamidullah Khalid said on Sunday that a third guard fled the scene with money and jewelry.

Marsal Nabizadeh sat from 2019 until the seizure of power Taliban In August 2021 in the Afghan Parliament. The former MP was one of the few politicians who did not flee the country – instead she challenged the Islamists of the Stone Age.

Marsal Nabizadeh criticized the ban on girls from studying

Four months ago, in a television interview, Nabizadeh criticized the ban on schools for girls over the age of twelve. The ban is the first in a series of measures the Taliban have used to gradually ban women from public life. Anyone who sets foot outside the door must do so fully veiled.

In December last year, stone-age Islamists banned Afghan women from studying. There was no justification. For several weeks, they were not allowed into public parks or gyms. Those who wanted to travel could only do so accompanied by men.

In northern Afghanistan’s Baloch province, the Taliban have gone further: women are no longer allowed to own their own businesses there male doctors to visit. And the district administration claims that in their own stores, Afghan women can contact men without supervision. Nor are the radical Islamists able to monitor whether the headscarf is in place.


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