Fined billionaire on his private island

American billionaire Larry Ellison broke many traffic rules on his island. A local policeman immediately put the businessman to work.

Even on your own island you are not immune from traffic fines. American billionaire Larry Ellison had to find out. He was pulled over by a police officer after speeding in his sports car – then ignoring a stop sign. A video of the incident was first published on the news website Hawaii News Now.

“The reason I stopped you is because you ran a stop sign and you were speeding there,” he told Officer Ellison. “If that was me, I’m sorry,” Ellison heard the reply. Try to get home in time to have dinner with his kids. “But there is no excuse, there is no good excuse.”

Driving license not included

But the rampage in his orange Corvette isn’t Ellison’s only mishap. When the policeman asked him to show his car papers and driver’s license, it turned out that he did not carry the latter with him either. He is said to have received immediate punishment for the offenses collected.

On the other hand, the policeman won high praise from his superiors, according to “Hawaii News Now”. “As we all know, some communities let loose on the elite,” said Maui City Councilman Gabe Johnson, who lives on the island. “That one of our police officers treated him as an equal, that everyone should be treated equally before the law, I am proud to say: good job MPD!”

Ellison is a co-founder of the software company Oracle, and according to Forbes, he is the sixth richest person in the world with an estimated fortune of $108.3 billion. The island, in which Ellison owns 98 percent of the real estate, is located in the American archipelago of Hawaii.


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