Juan Carlos met the Spanish royal family

Juan Carlos met the Spanish royal family

FThe family reunites for a sad reason: the Spanish King leaves his father Juan Carlos out of the way. He didn’t even want to see him on his 85th birthday on January 5th.

But now there was an unexpected meeting in Athens. Almost the entire Spanish royal family traveled to the Greek capital for the funeral of King Constantine, who died on January 10. He was the brother of Juan Carlos’ wife, Queen Sofia.

In the cathedral, they both sat side by side during the funeral service. Subsequent Spanish royal couples married there in 1962. With the exception of Crown Princess Leonor and her sister Sofia, the Bourbons were almost complete. Felipe’s sisters Cristina and Elena came with their children.

Most recently, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II brought together Juan Carlos, Felipe, Letizia and Sofia last September. They sat on a bench in Westminster Abbey. Similar images can be repeated in May when Charles III. crowned.


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