'IaF' star Andrea Katherine Loeig - She Can Finally Marry Andreas Thiel!

Andrea Katherine Luig (54) had already planned a romantic wedding for 2020, but then the pandemic hit.

Leipzig – Now wedding bells are finally ringing for Andrea Katherine Luig (54)! Actually “in every friendshipStar had planned a romantic wedding for 2020, but then came pandemic between.

Andrea Katherine Luig, 54, and partner Andreas Thiele, 50, will marry at the end of July. © imago photos/eventpress

Now the actress wants to say yes to her partner Andreas Thiel (50) on July 24. In Thomaskirche Leipzig!

Why does someone really love you? “We are both experts. My twelve-year-old daughter Josephine and now he’s like stockings and laces, as the saying goes, ‘Lovege gets excited in'”colorful“-Interview.

This is very reassuring. “It all fits so well that we can now say we will continue down this path together.”

The couple got to know each other on the construction site – during the renovation of the Loewig house. She was the builder, the architect.

The actress recalls: “We flirted with each other already, but we still liked each other. I thought it was cute.”

Then followed the proposal to marry in a romantic way in the city of love. “He was in Paris with a glass of champagne, as it should be.”

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