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Hunger in the world: the broom of the 21st century

Hunger in the world: the broom of the 21st century

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Hunger in the world: the broom of the 21st century

Analysis of the International Union of Agriculture, Food and Trade

Our analysis and plans prove the detriment of the capitalist system in the world. The crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and the deadly global catastrophe of its spread illustrate the inhumanity and cruelty of those who carry out the administration of the organization.

The spread of malaria and the recurrence of tuberculosis can be successfully combated. There are drugs – but their rate of return (profit) is not enough for drug groups. The dominant capitalist countries contribute to this strategy. This is evident in the cynical attitudes of Trump in the United States (former President Donald) and Bolsanaro in Brazil (President Jair) regarding the virus epidemic. The big bosses, world capitalism and the governments in their service are the culprits in their actions. This is the result of the development of imperialism at the planetary level. So far, workers in the agricultural and food industries and other sectors on all continents have proven to play a fundamental and decisive role in saving lives and fighting disease. Governments and employers are fully responsible for the consequences of this unprecedented crisis and are spreading speculation and selfishness against collective interests. The progressive workers’ movement and the workers of the five continents have developed exemplary solidarity with their class-based unions in every country and beyond, internationally. On this basis, the international union is part of the fight for global access to the COVID-19 vaccine, which must be recognized. “Global Public Benefit”. To implement this goal, the World Health Organization (WHO) has created a platform for the exchange of technology, knowledge and patents – ignored by leading capitalist countries. The fact that Nelson Mandela’s South Africa, China and many other countries are fighting for this recognition is helping to break the wall of money stamped by big drugs and Trump, Macron and their political and opportunist tactics.Brothers.

For example, in 2019, the World Health Organization’s absurd budget was only about two billion euros. Moreover, as we have seen recently in the face of the epidemic, the United States has canceled the financial contribution to this organization. This is another example of how the Yankees’ strategy works, embedding their law to rule the world. This represents an absolutely paltry 0.16 percent compared to global military spending. This is the choice already made by the great bourgeoisie and imperialism.

Asking questions

At the planetary level, liberal theories have called into question the vital role of agriculture and the food industry, especially the nutrition of the population.

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The pursuit of short-term profits, the economic displacement of workers and the rural population, the loss of all national agricultural and food sovereignty, socially and healthily, the growth of financial speculation on agricultural raw materials and the uncertainty demonstrated by the harsh reality of the capitalist system. At the same time, the health crisis has exposed to the people the importance of agricultural and food workers, in many cases the most difficult situations. Three-quarters of the world’s people suffering from hunger and malnutrition explain it. That number could rise to several hundred million as a result of the epidemic.

Socialist countries such as Cuba, Vietnam and China have proven that they can better protect their people when it comes to health or meet their basic livelihood and nutritional needs. This is significant because Trump used the epidemic period to tighten the siege of Cuba with the aim of besieging Cuba, while COVID-19 killed more than 350,000 Americans. This is proof that our wars to ensure that states control and plan economic and social development for the benefit of the workers are more just than ever. The exemplary approach of solidarity shown by the Cuban people and government shows the enormous similarity that Cuba can offer by sending large numbers of medical missions to different countries.

In such circumstances, more than ever, the world needs international cooperation that is new and mutually beneficial. This is an important issue for the development of nations against the use of imperial food weapons, especially by the United States, and the domination of multinational corporations.

Trade unions around the world play a key role in organizing the struggle and unity at all levels. They are an excellent tool for protecting the interests of employees in every way.

Food – General Benefit

Access to a healthy and balanced diet is truly a matter of public health. Scientific studies show that social inequalities penetrate food and have serious effects on human health. Manual workers, the unemployed and many retirees buy food at low prices and low quality, while managers and professionals buy food at high prices – let alone shareholders and capital owners. Adequate purchasing power restricts employees to an unbalanced diet with a lack of high fat and sugar and fresh produce. High-income community groups avoid such burdens. This seriously raises the question of the strategic nature of the agri-food sector.

Food should be considered a general benefit. Due to access to healthy and varied food, it is one of the foundations of public and social health of people nationally and globally.

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Maintaining public health by guaranteeing global access to high quality, especially public health services, but also by introducing a nutrition policy, is subject to state sovereignty. As a result, food that aims to make a profit by denigrating any other interest, such as product quality and public attitude, cannot be subject to private interests. It should be based on productive agriculture that takes into account natural resources, soil, biodiversity and ecosystems.

Therefore, the food industry and all related industries should be responsible to the nation and the people. Nutrition policy should protect national food traditions. Defining and implementing such a policy requires the full and unrestricted participation of employees and their unions. The level of people and workers should be guaranteed to respond to food needs in both quantity and quality, and the National Agriculture and Food Policy should be included in its consideration of the nutritional and health dimensions.

Food Sovereignty

Eradicating hunger and malnutrition is, above all, a political choice. This is the choice facing all people, including those in developed capitalist countries. The decrees issued in European public agricultural policy (CAP, mandates and EU institutions) are increasingly dragging agrarian Europe into bourgeois and imperialist domination by creating a free trade zone. Free and Undeclared Contests, But really the laws of the capitalist market and the growing financial and land speculation. These new orders are leading to unprecedented restructuring of agriculture in all countries, reducing agricultural and food capabilities and destroying their food sovereignty or, if you will, self-sufficiency.

Poverty, hardship and insufficient income have an impact on people’s physical and mental health. This is one of the fundamental problems that cannot be solved in the long run with national or international food assistance. The idea of ​​food sovereignty, the independence of nations and their liberation has been established. Capitalism cannot answer that.

The unions are working to develop an alternative policy that includes livestock and family farming, co-operative and nationalized production, improved public services and people and government-controlled finance. It must be based on nationalism, independence, sovereignty and unity. These ideas fully reflect our efforts against liberation, popular and democratic agrarian reforms, the strengthening of autonomous systems of social security, equal rights for women, banks, large corporations and agribusinesses against private monopolies and collective and land development. Free water, human heritage.

The right to protection

Each country has the right to protect its agriculture and food through economic and social support, by creating border security to protect local and national production, by popular and progressive agrarian reform processes, and by nationalizing the basic banking, industrial and commercial sectors. Downline.

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Creating a new economic order that enables mutual benefit cooperation between established nations and continents with the respect, freedom, liberty and dignity of each people is a fundamental component of every country’s economic and social progress. Food sovereignty does not mean autonomy. The development of a new international form of cooperation is an important issue for the development of each country and international relations. These forms of cooperation must be supported by the principle of unity and equality of international relations, with full respect for the reality of each country and mutually beneficial. They should be aimed at enabling lasting cooperation between nations and benefiting all citizens.

Despite being secular and independent of faith, agriculture is still a unique activity. Agricultural matters must be clearly accepted at every level, outside of global industrial or business issues. Twenty years ago the entry of full-scale agriculture into the World Trade Organization (WTO) did not improve the global food situation, on the contrary. Agriculture and food should be excluded from WTO negotiations.

In 2016, more than two billion people lived in countries experiencing conflict and violence, which brought with it the vulnerability of life, community and economy. The poorest and most indestructible people suffer the most, causing their quality of life and their bodies to decline. Of the billions of men, women and children living today in the countries affected by these imperialist and non-colonial wars, nearly 500 million are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. For children, the effects are even more dramatic. About 122 million children, nearly 75% of children under the age of five, suffer from stunted development and live in war-torn countries.

So agriculture in particular should be the center of deep and thoughtful approach and observation. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been meeting this need for some time. This is the UN. Holds an important place among organizations. Some US-led states undermine the ability to analyze and teach in the name of budget balance, liberal economic strategy and the goals of imperialist domination. Opinions at the FAO and UN level need to be completely changed. The functioning of the FAO should be more democratic and open to farmers and unions representing agricultural workers and farmers. Its powers need to be redefined, especially the right to food sovereignty of nations, the place and role of genuine agricultural reforms, solidarity and national (or groups of nations) recommendations on agricultural and food policy, regulation of global agricultural agreements, the environment, health, water management, Cooperation with other international organizations on peacekeeping and many other issues.

Translation of Vladimir SEDLÁČEK


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