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The Japanese Nikki225 + 0.97% And 28362.17 b.
Hong Kong Hong Cheng + 1,2% And 29239.48 b.
nsk Shanghai Mixed + 0.81% And 3533,6849 b.
South Koreans Cosby + 1.32% And 3096.81 b.
Australian S&P / ASX200 + 1.49% And 6762.6 b.


The Czech National Offshore Oil Company has stated that full carbon neutrality will not undermine its full growth in oil and gas production by 2060. According to a member of Wang Dong’s team, the company views the local climate as a bald spot for further development. Since President Xi Jinping’s announcement of full carbon neutrality on June 22, key representatives of the high – pressure oil sector, Petrosina and Sinobek, have made similar statements.


U.S. President Joe Biden has said the United States could impose sanctions on Myanmar again if the military does not relinquish power on Monday during the coup. “The United States has lifted sanctions against Burma over the past decade because of its move toward democracy,” Biden said in a statement Monday. “Our approval law and authority for the aberration of this positive development must be immediately re-evaluated, after which appropriate action will be taken.”

Korean Gin

The consumer price index rose 0.6% in January, compared with a 0.5% increase. Meanwhile, it rose 0.8%, while it rose 0.3%.


Ben shares rose 18.9% in January. Primer Suka extends the state of emergency in major Japanese cities (initially up to 7 days) until the 7th.


The Central Bank of Australia approached the 2nd century as expected at a rate of 0.1% for the main year.

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Source: Bloomberg

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