Cristiano Ronaldo
EM scandal as he incited Coca-Cola

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Funny moment at the EM press conference: Cristiano Ronaldo not only doesn’t want to drink Coca-Cola, he doesn’t want to be around him. This has serious implications for the brand.

The touch of 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo will turn to gold – and what he did not touch will turn into sadness. This statement should actually be taken as it was demonstrated at a press conference during the European Football Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s strict nutrition plan

It is well known that many “best footballers of the year” focus on their diet and public health in order to achieve the best performance ever on the field. Ronaldo should have six small meals a day with plenty of fruits and vegetables at three or four hour intervals to ensure a metabolism and the same amount of energy. But low-fat meat and fish-based proteins, as well as carbohydrates, especially bread or whole grain products, are on Ronaldo’s diet.

Alcohol, sugary foods, carbonated beverages and commonly prepared foods are strictly prohibited. The kicker has a few exceptions, including a piece of cake for his birthday or a pizza with his son.

No Coca Cola please!

Ronaldo’s decent lifestyle is certainly seen by the world – by his 299 million Instagram followers: inside or many football fans. That’s what happened to Coca-Cola. The 36-year-old said he had no problem expressing his dissatisfaction with the sugar drink.

When two bottles of Coca-Cola are on the table in front of Ronaldo’s seat at the press conference, the footballer gets annoyed at first and then puts both bottles away from him. Journalists seem to notice this, because after a while Ronaldo grabs a bottle and says “Aqua” (z. Dt .: water). He then murmurs an incomprehensible but clearly negative comment about Coca-Cola.

The result: According to “Built”, the value of the brand fell from $ 242 billion (approximately ில்லியன் 200 billion) to $ 238 billion (approximately ில்லியன் 196 billion), while the stock fell from $ 56.10 (.2 46.29) to $ 55. 20. Also Coca Cola and E.M. Oops … Cristiano Ronaldo should not worry about this little scandal surrounding the match.

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