Honduras Association talks about a

In an official statement, the Honduran Football Association described the racist insult to German defender Jordan Torunariga from the Herta football club as an “unfortunate misunderstanding between the players of the two teams”.

Saturday’s test in Wakayama, Japan when the score was 1:1 was canceled due to the events, because German Football Association coach Stefan Kuntz’s Olympic team left the stadium in protest.

In its statement, the Honduran League reiterated that the Federation was fully committed to combating racial or ethnic discrimination. The country is multicultural, “and our Olympic team reflects and supports diversity.”

Honduran players are in no way susceptible to racism, they stand by values ​​such as equality and racial justice, which are among the basic principles of the nation.

At a press conference on Saturday, Koontz was already smugly reacting to the Honduran “misunderstanding” statement: “When I came home from school with 6, I also told my mother it was a misunderstanding. I leave that time without comment.”

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