Home Tech CrossfireX: Developer Update for the Multiplayer Shooter

CrossfireX: Developer Update for the Multiplayer Shooter

CrossfireX: Developer Update for the Multiplayer Shooter

A new developer update has been released for CrossfireX, the Xbox exclusive multiplayer shooter.

In a developer update for CrossfireX, Executive Producer Boo announced that the team is “working hard on the title” and one of those areas is improving the graphic quality of maps in beta. According to Boo, the multiplayer shooter will launch in 2021 without giving a specific date.

Three new maps have been revealed: Babylon, the Conquest, and the Babylon Laboratory:

  • In Babylon, players fight for control points and make space for two teams of 15 players each.
  • Invasion is a Specter mode map, where the blacklist can hide and attack all players in global dangers of ambush.
  • Babylon Lab provides space for 16 players and is part of the Infection mode, where players have to survive against the Infected, whose ranks swell with each kill.

A tactical growth system has also been introduced, which allows players to choose upgrades such as damage increase, health regeneration, and tactical shield in order to gain an advantage for a single round. He will now be available in the third stage of the round, with the option to transform into a legendary mercenary named Boogieman. More legendary mercenaries will be revealed later.

CrossfireX – Aerial Map Tour: Babylon

CrossfireX – Map Preview: Invasion

CrossfireX – Map Preview: Babylon Lab

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