Home entertainment Hennessy celebrates the cultural impact of basketball on and off the court…

Hennessy celebrates the cultural impact of basketball on and off the court…

Hennessy celebrates the cultural impact of basketball on and off the court…


Cognac, France, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/

Directed by award-winning music director and producer Maceo Frost, the short film showcases global talent from the worlds of music, photography and fashion.

Hennessy, one of the best selling cognacs in the world and the first global spirit partner of the NBA, is pleased to announce the launch of his new campaign”The game never stops To announce, with which the two parties continue to expand their partnership around the world. The new creation celebrates and increases the influence of the League, the sport itself, and Hennessy, outside the game and the field, in the many unique cultural aspects of the community.

Hennessy’s “Game Never Stops” campaign is introduced through a short film developed by creative agency Droga5 New York and directed by award-winning music director and producer Maceo Frost. The campaign tells the story of a sport that began as a cultural movement with a global impact that extends far beyond the lives of players and spectators. Through his haunting directing style, Frost illustrates the impact basketball has had on the work of four talents from the music, photography and fashion industries, all from different parts of the world who have grown out of the cosmopolitan.

Hennessy’s Game Never Stops campaign features British musician AJ Tracey, Chinese rapper Masiwei, Paris-based photographer and filmmaker Kevin Couliau, and French fashion designer Stephane Ashpool – all visionaries, thought leaders and creative people with a passion for…influenced by basketball culture. The short film “Game Never Stops” takes us on a trip around the world and shows how widespread basketball culture is in Africa, Asia, North America and Europe against the backdrop of the countries themselves and the people who live there – and proves that “the game” is more than four quarters on a hardwood floor.

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“At Hennessy, we continually strive to push the boundaries of our expertise, as do our NBA partners. It is this like-minded attitude that has created such synergy between us that has resulted in a global community of fashion leaders from different walks of life and walks of life, all influenced by with the culture that Hennessy and the NBA aim to promote.” Boillot, President and CEO of Hennessy.

To further underscore the relationship between Hennessy and the NBA and the impact they both have on pop culture, Hennessy will continue to collaborate with the four iconic talents on the campaign trail on a number of technical committees via the NBA Global Partnership.

Through this campaign, Hennessy is committed to spreading the “Game Never Stops” message and taking her partnership with the NBA to a new, unexplored level. And as the NBA Playoffs kick off, Hennessy invites you to join the global conversation, by putting a stamp on and off the field.

To learn more and see worldwide activations, please visit Hennessy.com And Tweet embed # Hahaha

Information about Hennessy

As a leading manufacturer of cognac, House of Hennessy has been sparkling with its unusual blend all over the world for more than 250 years. The brand, based on the triumphant spirit of its founder Richard Hennessy, is present in more than 160 countries. Hennessy, located in the heart of the Charente, is also a solid pillar of the regional economy and represents a sector rich in knowledge. The house’s success and longevity are due to its cognac franchise, each one resulting from a unique process of transmission from generation to generation. As the first wine and spirits company to achieve ISO 14001 certification, Hennessy combines its ability to innovate with the support of all its partners to protect this exceptional region.

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As the crown jewel of the LVMH Group, Hennessy makes an important contribution to French foreign trade with an export share of up to 99% and is a global ambassador for the French way of life.

Please drink responsibly – not for France


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