Cologne 50667: Pop star Loona joins RTL2 series - TV

Pop star becomes soapy! Loona (“Bailando”) gets “Cologne 50667”.

The singer will bring many guests. It can be seen for the first time in the RTLZWEI series on Thursday. She is playing by herself.

Storyline: Just in time for the old woman’s carnival, she appears at a carnival party at the bar.

The call to the presenter came through her participation in the “Battle of Reality Stars” which Loona won last year.

Luna in Mashhad

Luna in the “Colin 50667” scene with series star Josie “Jay” LuciadioPhoto: RTLZWEI / filmpool Entertainment GmbH

Loona (centre) also won

Loona (center) also won the “Battle of the Reality Stars” against Claudia Obert (left) and Andrej Mangold last year.Photo: RTLZWEI / Karl Vandenhole

Loona to BILD: “The idea positively surprised me. Of course, I’ve also known soap because it’s been around for so long. I just think it was fate, it was meant to be.”

She will perform her song “Vamos a la Playa” and celebrate with series stars such as Marcel Thoroistein (playing “Oscar”) or Jussie “Jay” Luciadio (playing “George”).

Loona admits, “I was really excited before we started shooting. A couple of days before I knew there was no makeup on set and at first thought, ‘Oh no, I have to look great.'” But soap thrives on normal situations, you don’t always have to be. Very elegant and looks perfect. Before that, I thought a lot about what the place would look like and whether I should save a lot.”

The singer herself loves carnival – and would like to appear as a character from her favorite series soon. “I love ‘stealing money’! My daughter does A-levels, and there’s a joke at the end where all the students are allowed to do crap. We had the idea that they’d all dress like that and I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, I want that too!'”

There was only one problem: “Of course I can’t take part in dad’s joke. So I’m waiting until we can celebrate Carnival again.”

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