Storm “Ylenia”
LB shock: Hamburg boat breaks disk wave

Storm in Hamburg: Waves shattered the hull of a Hamburg passenger boat

Watch the video: Deep “Ylenia” – Storm waves break the windshield of the Hamburg LB boat.


One of the boats was badly damaged by a wave in the port of Hamburg on Thursday morning. Failing to withstand the force of a board impact, water entered the ship.

Many passengers on a boat in the port of Hamburg on Thursday morning were unfortunately very lucky. A video circulating on the internet shows that the ship’s glass was shattered and a large amount of water flowed in as the boat collided head-on with a powerful wave during the storm. Fortunately, none of the passengers were seriously injured in the incident, said Tobias Hawk, managing director of the operating company Haddock. Severe Said.

According to him, the wave hit the window as the ship Line 68 from Duffelsbrook was heading towards the ship of the nearby Airbus plant. An Airbus spokesman shared this Severe Upon request in writing that they be aware of the three injured passengers. These were treated immediately by the company’s medical service and are currently being treated.

Hague said it was in touch with Airbus for more information on the passengers’ health. At the same time, despite the spectacular appearance of the water entering, he stressed that “there was no danger to the passengers or the ship from the water”. It should now be clarified why the disk exploded through the water. The discs should actually be “resistant to sea impact”. Only the safety glass shattered. This type of ship is called the 2000 Iron Boat.

Hamburg ferry operator: “There has never been a case like this”

On Wednesday morning, Haddock temporarily reacted to high waves caused by Hurricane “Ylenia” with changed schedules. Also, small boats were removed from service as a precaution. “You’ve never had a case like this,” Hawk said, even though you’ve experienced a lot of waves. According to a spokesman for the Hamburg Police Department, the incident took place at around 8.40 am in LB.


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