Gynecologists recommend a third dose of the vaccine for pregnant women

The Scientific Societies of Gynecology, in a press release published on Wednesday, also recommended a third dose for women wishing to become pregnant, six months after the second injection.

Open to those over 65 who are at risk of severe disease, and soon to be available to those over 50. Will the booster potion open for pregnant women soon, too?

That is in any case what the scientific societies of gynecology recommended on Tuesday in a press release signed by the Research Group on Infections in Pregnancy (GRIG) and the French National College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (CNGOF).

Call for The health authorities, which have not yet opened the stimulant dose for pregnant women or are old enough to become pregnant and present no other risk factor.

“It has been proven that vaccination protects pregnant women”

GRIG and CNGOF consider, “in light of scientific data,” for their part, that because immunity decreases over time and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to the virus (particularly (there is comorbidity), the third dose of the vaccine should be offered to women wishing to become pregnant or become pregnant).

A dose that can be administered, regardless of the stage of pregnancy, when the initial regimen is more than 6 months.

“Vaccination has been shown to protect pregnant women,” the scientific gynecological communities remind, “studies have shown that vaccinated pregnant women are less likely to be infected.”

No teratogenic effect was observed in pregnant women after the injection of the vaccine, according to the studies mentioned by the two authorities. This is a reminder once again that vaccines are “safe” and “effective” for pregnant women, whatever the stage of pregnancy.


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