Stay True to Girlfriend De Chachelle at 'Faking Hitler' Premiere

Updated November 17, 2021 at 10:51 pm.

  • Actor Moritz Bleptro likes to keep his private life out of the public eye.
  • But at the premiere of the new series “Faking Hitler” the 50-year-old appeared with his girlfriend Saskia de Tschaschell.

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Hand in Hand with Partner: Moritz Bleptro, 50, likes to keep his private life private. But on Wednesday evening, the famous film and television star converged with Saskia de Chachelle, who is 20 years his junior, at a cinema in Berlin for the premiere of the new series “Faking Hitler” (starting November 30 on the RTL + streaming service). The six-part series highlights the scandal surrounding Hitler’s fake diaries in 1983.

Bleptro plays art forger Konrad Kugau in the miniseries, Lars Edinger plays “Stern” reporter Gerd Heidemann, and Senji Erslinger plays editor Elizabeth Stockel. Hans-Jochen Wagner, Daniel Donskoy, Ulrich Tukur and Jeanette Hain can also be seen in other roles. About the scandal there was already a feature film “Schtonk” by Helmut Dietl in 1992 with such stars as Gotze Georg, Harald Johnke, Christian Horbiger, Veronica Ferris and Ulrich Muhe.

Bleptro has been in a relationship with Saskia for 2 years

Bleptro only confirmed to “Bunte” magazine in October that she has been in a relationship with Saskia de Tschaschell – for two years now. Before the new happiness, the actor separated from his partner Annika with whom they had a son in 2008.

Bleptro was born in Munich, but lives near Hamburg. He is the son of actress Monica Pleptro (1944-2009) and actor Hans Brenner (1938-1998). (dpa/fra)

Moritz Bleibtro

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Moritz Bleptro is one of the most talented actors in Germany. Born in Munich, who will celebrate his fiftieth birthday on August 13, he has already made a world name for himself. We look back on his best roles (so far).


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