Greece: Power cuts in Greater Athens area

Due to uncontrolled wildfires in the north Athens Electricity in the Greek capital is increasing. Already on Thursday it was in the affected area As a precaution, the distribution node has been shut down. the state network operator He announced on Friday lunchtime that it would take individual parts of Athens off-grid temporarily and as planned until it could maintain the supply as a whole.

Chardalias could not give all the clarity; Instead, firefighters expect stronger winds in the afternoon. In the area, visibility is currently severely restricted due to the development of smoke. Videos on social media have documented numerous explosions to burn warehouses, production halls and gas bottles in burning homes.

Containing major fires in Antalya

in a Turkey In the meantime, emergency services can record a success. According to official information, two major fires in the holiday region of Antalya were brought under control on Friday. According to this, more than 36,000 people from about 12,000 homes have been moved to safety since the fire broke out about ten days ago. The destruction is massive. Eight people died Including a German-Turkish couple.

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