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Google Drive: New ways to organize – share folders and shortcuts with color


cloud storage Google Drive It gives all users the option to store files uploaded or created with Google Apps in folders and subfolders of any depth. Because at some point this can also become confusing, color coding was introduced a long time ago and can now also be used for shared folders and links.

New google drive logo 2020

Google Drive users just have to get used to the new storage space rules, so you can look forward to an innovation in the way content is organized: For a long time, existing folders have been given colors so they can be given a name and the organization offers another possibility for an overview. But until now, this was only possible for your “real” folders.

google drive folder colors

With the latest update, which will be rolled out immediately within a 15-day period, colors can now also be applied to two other types of folders: Shared folders and links can now also be color-coded to perfectly match your color organization’s match. This makes sense if at least the folders shared by other users and the links in the interface are displayed very similarly.

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