Home Top News Formula 1 as ‘Billionaire Sons Club’: Vettel and Hamilton grumble about youngsters in motorsports

Formula 1 as ‘Billionaire Sons Club’: Vettel and Hamilton grumble about youngsters in motorsports

Formula 1 as ‘Billionaire Sons Club’: Vettel and Hamilton grumble about youngsters in motorsports

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are concerned about youngsters in motorsport.

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Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are concerned about offspring in Formula 1. The world champions are particularly concerned about the high costs of motorsport.

Baku – the road to Formula 1 is arduous and long. However, for many rookie pilots, at some point the big goal becomes out of sight in their young career path, and there is not necessarily a shortage of talent and ability.

Motorsports is just a cheap hobby that very few can afford. There is often a shortage of money, which is why a jump to premium is almost possible only with a financial injection from a sponsorship or sponsorship program. So Sebastian Vettel sees the cost explosion in the youth sector as a problem for all motorsports.

Formula 1: Vettel slams cost explosion in motorsport

“It has always been an expensive hobby, but recently it has developed significantly,” said the four-time world champion in preparation for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. “It can’t be fixed quickly either, the costs are simply prohibitive.”

Children from all walks of life should be able to participate in motorsports. Even in his youth and even earlier, working in motorsport was not a cheap endeavor. Vettel said: “Michael Schumacher needed help, I needed help, about half the way it was done on your own, and after that it was difficult, I was lucky enough to have support.” For example, Vettel was initially supported by him. His family, later was promoted by Red Bull.

Billionaire Boys Club

Lewis Hamilton in modern Formula 1 1

Lewis Hamilton insults F1 as ‘the billionaire’s sons club’

World record champion Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes motorsport chief Toto Wolff recently signaled a rapid cost development. Hamilton called the modern Formula 1 name in an interview with the Spanish sports newspaper Such as The Billionaire Boys Club is a club for the billionaire’s children.

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“If I had to get out of a working-class family again, it would be impossible because the other kids would get a lot more money,” said the 36-year-old. It is an accessible sport. “Indeed, in the current field of drivers, with Vettel’s teammate Lance Stroll of Aston Martin or Nikita Mazepin teammate of Mick Schumacher of Haas, there are pilots whose fathers own the racing team.

Mercedes motorsport chief Toto Wolff criticizes big sums: ‘This is absolutely ridiculous’

Wolf also sees the need to make youth sports more affordable “so that kids who don’t have this financial background can also be successful in junior classes.” At the moment, the “small car racing season” costs 250,000 euros, the Formula 4 season 500,000 and the Formula 3 season 1 million euros. “This is absolutely ridiculous and must stop,” Wolff said. Whether or not these monstrous sums will change in the future must now be established. (ck/sid)


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