'Gilmore Girls' star Lauren Graham: Love with Peter Krause

Lauren Graham
‘Gilmore Girls’ star and Peter Krause split up

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause

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Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are no longer a couple. After more than ten years, the stars of the series have now announced their separation.

After more than ten years of relationship, series star Lauren Graham, 55, and Peter Krause, 56, are going their separate ways. A spokesperson for the “Gilmore Girls” favorite confirmed this to the American magazine “People”.

Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham is single again

According to Graham’s spokesperson, the love affair took place in 2021: “They quietly ended their relationship last year.”

It took a few years for the two former American actors to get together. Because after they met in 1995, their relationship developed in a romantic direction almost two decades later. While working on the series Parenthood, in which they embodied a pair of siblings, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause were said to have finally taken off.

The former couple protected their privacy

After that, the famous actress “Lorelai Gilmore” and the star of “Six Feet Under” rarely appeared together in public. But in interviews and talk shows, they liked to talk about each other. In an interview with Redbook magazine in 2010, Graham revealed details about the beginnings of their relationship: “For a while no one knew about it because we like being home and cooking and not going out. I was also very protective of it because it was important that she let us in [Parenthood] as brother and sister.”

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause were not married and have no children together. The 56-year-old has an older son from a previous relationship.

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