Sections Where You Really Felt the ‘Summer Wave’

Sections Where You Really Felt the ‘Summer Wave’

In winter, in autumn, in spring or in summer … The coronavirus pandemic no longer gives us the slightest comfort, no matter what time of year it is. According to Benjamin Davido, MD, an infectious disease specialist, it’s simple: “The fact that this virus can strike in the middle of summer makes it endemic.”trusts the pillars France information.

This specialist, who is also a reference for Covid-19 at the Garches Hospital (Hauts-de-Seine), believes that the resurgence of the virus is “completely unexpected in relation to the season”. Officials? The new variables10, up to 15% more pollutants, plunging us into a new epidemiological dynamic.

‘There is no permanent immunity to these coronaviruses’

To deal with Covid-19, hope for herd immunity must first be eliminated, according to Benjamin Davido. “There is no No permanent immunity In the face of these coronaviruses, just like influenza and that is why we vaccinate every year,” the specialist explains. give up wearing a mask, Especially in public transport and airports… “We are in an unreasonable situation, we are no longer protecting ourselves, we have almost fallen into reverse overflow‘, he continues, still with our colleagues from France information.

To fight, it is now “acting, To anticipate the next waves (…) To be able to say there will be reminders of vaccines,’ and re-launch the vaccination campaign. Where does this new summer wave really feel? In 16 divisions, all indicators are on the rise : Injury rate, intensive care unit occupation, hospitalization .. Do you have one of them? Find out now in the slideshow below. Thanks to the Covid Tracker characters.


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