Gift Ideas for Young Designers: Six Ideas for Christmas 2021

Nothing like it to support young designers of presenting some of their pieces to loved ones at Christmas.

Ulysses Sauvage

Ulysse Sauvage glassware

Ulysse Sauvage glassware Ulysses Sauvage

Don’t be fooled by the sheer fragility of Margot Corgione eyeglasses, the designer behind the Ulysse Sauvage Project. These delicate flame blown silhouettes are made of borosilicate glass, an extremely strong glass used for laboratory equipment. An unknown specialty, except for the scientific world, this former art student chose to explore to bring to life gorgeous glassware, from cut glass to decanter, including Christmas decorations you’ll find hard to resist.

studio slang

Argot Studio Capsules Set

Argot Studio Capsules Set studio slang

Emyr Ryan, an Irishman based in Paris, a former interior designer tired of agency work. Inspired by the brutal current, I set out to design things thanks to the magic of 3D printing. She continues her work on structuring the space, giving life to a thousand and one fine and sculptural pieces: vases, mirrors, lamps, some Christmas decorations bearing the figurines of her creations, etc. All are designed with recycled or recyclable materials, proving that aesthetics are consistent with responsible production.

Augustina Botoni

Milanese Cup Set

Milanese Cup Set Dr

Argentinian designer based in MilanIts glass collections are infused with architectural references. A more than obvious reference to “Pillar”, the newest to date, is available in two formats (tumbler and highball). The High Souls collection borrows from postmodern eccentrics with its polygon cups set on three balls. As for “Calici Milanesi”, next to the opulent Villa Necchi in Milan is the true Art Deco gem of the city, which the designer went on to paint, thus a homage to the art of Italian aperitif.

Moreno Schwekel

Leave Moreno Schweikli

Leave Moreno Schweikli Dr

The German designer made a name for himself after his partnership with Balenciaga, About hallucinogenic water fountains, on the border between sculpture, furniture and installation, inspired by the neoclassical fountains that decorate urban squares. The same spirit that we find in his series « oasis », where tacky water fountain bottles are turned into a vase. « Filled with water, the transparent container filled with bubbles creates light reflections on adjacent surfaces, making the entire space “wet”. », he explains.

Claire Duport

Quilts by Claire Duporte

Quilts by Claire Duporte Dr

Former designer and editor of a fashion magazine in Paris, Claire Duporte dedicated herself to illustrating, While staying in the world of press and fashion. She then turned to textiles, particularly through embroidery work and also “quilting” that she drapes with “more fluid and organic lines, less traditional. The idea is to create a crossover product that can be a blanket, a play rug or a wall piece as a soft panel.” His work is available on

double click

Double no-cluster candles

Double no-cluster candles Dr

A multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2018 in Mulhouse, by Thomas Roger and Tristan Seigmann, Double-clicking highlights new digital and technological tools, seeing it as a new form of craftsmanship. At the end of the year, the duo just unveiled their “SEEU” candle collection, which is described as “ephemeral sculptures that testify to the relationships we have with those who love us.” These are 3D painted candles, then formed via water soluble molds that are also 3D printed. The wax comes from candles collected or purchased from resource centers.

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