Freepeak from “The Lions Ten”: Amazon sells celebrity

Freepeak from “The Lions Ten”: Amazon sells celebrity

The health of “Die Hold der Lowen” on the Vox show was not neglected either. This time it was especially about healthy backs. A revolutionary saddle joint designed to make cycling more comfortable for bikers. Here’s what Freibeik is all about and where you can buy a DHDL product today.

>>Buy flexible bicycle saddle directly from Amazon from Freibeik

Buy Freibeik: Rear Friendly Bicycle Saddle from “Die Höle der Löwen”

“The Freibeik Saddle offers joint cyclists a whole new freedom of movement”, Carmen proudly presents the invention of his mother Iris-Sabine Langstädtler in “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Freibeik is a bicycle saddle joint it Flexible and, above all, post-friendly driving Allows.

Although there are many saddle types, these are permanently fitted to the bicycle. There is no freedom of movement and no flexibility. With Freibeik saddle, these stiffness and pressure points, boredom, numbness and, of course, back pain should be a thing of the past.

The idea behind the DHDL bicycle saddle Freibeik

Iris-Sabine Longstadler (58) and her daughter Carmen (31), both women behind Freebeck, are interested riders. Thanks to their hobby, they know how important it is to be outside. But you also know that a long ride requires optimal fit. Know that a family-run bicycle shop can benefit them because customers are constantly complaining about back pain.

In “The Lions Ten” the freepeak’s saddle limb, which is where the women are, is moved everywhere, translating the movements of the cyclists without moving or twisting. Thanks to the joint, the entire muscle groups in the back are activated while cycling. According to the developers, safety should not be neglected while driving. This makes it easier to bend the curves and make the shoulder look more elegant.

Additional productions for the current “The Lions Ten” season

Many interesting productions of “The Lions Ten” in the new season have already been delivered before the freepeak. BBQ Bavaria Rescher is one of the best selling and DHDL options (in the eyes of the fans) which is a grill utensil that should not be without well stocked families. >>Here you can buy Bavaria Rescher via Amazon.

Former national footballer Michael Ballack also paid tribute and presented Lucky Plant, a 100 percent organic and vegetarian plant strengthening plant made from six wild herbs, at the Vox Show DHDL. >>Order Ballack’s DHDL products from Amazon here.

Shower + is a salt shower that can be used especially as a remedy for itchy and dry skin rashes. >>Shower + can be purchased from Otto (Currently not available on Amazon).

You can also stream new episodes of “The Lions Ten” View online at RTL +.

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