France: A small gray whale has been discovered off the country's southern coast

A small gray whale was first seen off the southern coast of France, and appears to have emerged from Pacific Incremental The Mediterranean Sea Got lost. The National Marine Mammal Network reported Sunday that the 15-month-old has been spotted multiple times in the past few days.

Accordingly, his length was eight meters Wal Already at the beginning of March Morocco, West, sunset And in the past few weeks before Italy Observed. During 2010 already before Israel And the Spain A gray whale has been discovered, and the find was out of order France First, said Adrien Gagnier, a veterinarian and network member. Gray whales are extremely rare in the Mediterranean as their natural habitat is the northern Pacific Ocean. Most of the population lives in Baja California in winter and summer Alaska.

“Lost in the Mediterranean”

“That could be in California The newborn whale lost its way in the Beaufort Sea during its first feeding season, and instead of returning to the Pacific Ocean, it will return to The Atlantic “He swam before getting lost in the Mediterranean,” Gagnier said.

Experts now hope the whale will continue its journey towards the Golfe du Lion and then along the Spanish coast before falling in Tarek mountain Swim in the Atlantic Ocean and then return to the Pacific Ocean via northern waters. Gagnier said the animal is in good health, but has lost weight because its eating habits are not suitable for the Mediterranean.

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