Facebook: The oversight board will decide on Donald Trump's user accounts on Wednesday

Next Wednesday he wants Facebooks Supervisory Board Shutting down his most notable case yet: The question is whether former US President Donald Trump will continue to block Facebook and Instagram. A largely independent supervisory bodyFacebook, which is a kind of supreme court for Facebook, plans to announce its decision at 3 pm German time, as it announced on Monday. The oversight board can overrule management decisions and have the last word.

Facebook banned Trump in January, shortly before the end of his term. The impetus was for his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol – the president expressed sympathy for them and went on to claim without evidence that the victory in the presidential election had been stolen from him through massive fraud.

According to its own information, the committee received more than 9,000 comments in the course of the public application process, more than any other prior case. Usually, users must also contact the committee. However, in this case, it was Facebook itself that wanted to verify its decision – what’s going on The statutes of the flesh Also covered. Additionally, the company hopes to have suggestions on how to deal with political leaders who violate Facebook’s guidelines in the future. These proposals will be in contrast to the concrete terms related to the Trump case, but are not binding on Facebook.

In addition to Facebook, Donald Trump was also banned from his Twitter platform in January. However, the company has already made it clear that there is no return to the former president. His previous Twitter account with more than 80 million subscribers was Trump’s most important communication channel in years.

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Unlike Twitter, Facebook has a supervisory body made up of legal experts, activists, and former politicians who can review internal decisions about how to deal with individuals and content. With little Previous decisions The censorship board has removed many content bans by Facebook.


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