Formula 1: Tough Penalty!  Bitter setback for the star pilot

Formula 1: The FIA ​​announces a severe penalty! The star pilot should swallow the pill next time

Formula 1: These are all drivers of the 2022 season

Formula 1: These are all drivers of the 2022 season

There are four new driver pairs for the 2022 Formula 1 season. There is a starting rookie and two familiar faces going back to the first chapter. We show you all the drivers of the new season.

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These are tough days right now for Charles Leclerc in Formula 1.

At the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last weekend (11-12 June), the Ferrari star had to retire early due to a trail of smoke in the rear of the engine. Now the FIA ​​also has a penalty kick in his favour Formula 1– The pilots announced.

Formula 1: The FIA ​​announces a severe penalty!

It briefly looked as though Charles Leclerc would never get an engine penalty at the Canadian Grand Prix, but now that is the case. After the engine failure in Baku, Ferrari installed a new combustion engine, new MGU-K, MGU-H and new control unit before the first practice session, all of which was still possible without penalty.


Formula 1 – Canadian Grand Prix schedule

  • Friday, 8 p.m.: First free training
  • Friday, 11 p.m.: 2nd free practice
  • Saturday, 7 p.m.: The third free training session
  • Saturday 10pm: Qualifiers
  • Sunday, 8 p.m.: The race


Then the FIA ​​reported after the second training session and announced Leclerc’s penalty. The Ferrari driver has changed the console again, his third in the current 2022 season, and in doing so, he has exceeded the maximum number of two units for this season.

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Formula 1: Leclerc’s next setback

As a result, he received a penalty and had to start the race in Canada from ten positions on the grid.

A heavy blow for Leclerc in the fight for the world title. After the last four races without a win, including two retirements, Monaco are only third in the drivers’ standings. He is already 34 points behind world championship leader Max Verstappen of Red Bull.


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The 24-year-old is going through a really tough time right now. First, the failure in Baku, a little later he missed his trip to Canada (more on that here) and now the severe punishment. But what gives him hope: In Canada he can outperform well, especially with a car as superior as Ferrari. (oh)


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