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Football EM: Poland Wanted – Slovakia fire alarm withdrawn

Football EM: Poland Wanted – Slovakia fire alarm withdrawn

St. Petersburg (DPA) – The European Championship prelude to world footballer Robert Lewandowski could not have been worse.

Not only was the 32-year-old Bayern Striker having a bad day, but the foreigner had to lose very quickly with his poles after a bitter 1: 2 (0: 1) against Slovakia at the 2012 European European Championships and the 2018 Fearless World Cup. “We have to take responsibility on our shoulders,” Lewandowski said, as the final whistle was blown away by the cheering crowd from the Slovakians, who then quickly left the St. Petersburg meadow.

“Not easy”

Just as the unexpected defeat against Marek Homsik & Co. was not enough mortgage, the next rival Spain also dropped points in the evening. The 0-0 win over former world champion Sweden is now on the verge of its first victory in a live fight with Lewandowski & Co on Saturday evening (9pm). You lost against a theoretically easy group opponent, Lewandowski said. “That’s why we’re in a difficult situation.”

Goalkeeper Wojciech Schkesny’s own goal (18th minute) and a goal from Milan Schrinier (69th) gave Poland a bad start, but Carol Linetti’s goal (46th) could not be blocked. “We want our fans to be proud of us and today we have no reason to tell them,” defender John Betnarek said. In fact, the performance of the Poles was a disappointment: Coach Paulo Sousa’s team’s attacking approach was uninteresting and uninteresting, and defensively acted very carelessly in front of both goals they agreed on.

Surprising Slovaks

For Slovakia, the surprise win is a real conspiracy, which will lead to the second round, which will be held in 2016 at EM. “We are a small country, but I’m so glad we did it and won such a big football nation,” said head coach Stephen Tarkovic. The 48-year-old said his team had previously encountered a fire alarm before, as he described in the evening.

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“It’s not the best, but our comrades are professional, which doesn’t significantly affect our product. The most important thing is our performance on the field,” Tarkovic said. It was surprisingly good. The Slovaks, who started outsiders, were impressed by their knowledge, speed and stability. Speed ​​tripler Robert Mack, whose action began 1-0, and defensive boss Screenier were key players in a surprising way.


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