Followers are afraid of his birthday

Did young Putin want to follow in the footsteps of Russian Czar Peter the Great on his first birthday? it’s improbably. At just 48 years old, he was hailed on the international stage as a beacon of hope for Russia’s liberal community, calling his colleagues in the United States and Europe our “Western partners” rather than the “puppets of global imperialism,” as he is now.

Excess strength is bad for your health

Did he already know then that he would be in power that long? Or has he become a hostage of his endless presidency? In Russia, power has meaning only if it lasts a lifetime and indefinitely. The replaceable political functionary has no power with the bureaucracy and the population, and cannot achieve anything.

As a temporary broker, you are not one in this country. All your ideas and projects are thrown by the back, and your castles and yachts are confiscated. Your children and friends will in turn be exempted from all publications and your life will be put at risk once you put the scepter of power.

However, the power that lasts a lifetime is not without either. Side effects include headache, dizziness, loss of reality, paranoia, constant fear of betrayal and conspiracy in the close circle of friends. In practice, these side effects regularly lead to the overthrow of the dictator and to great suffering for the country – but they are as unavoidable as sunrise. But maybe it will be different for me, young President Putin probably thought at the time.

He spent his fiftieth birthday underground, in Chisinau, at the Moldovan Wine Museum, his sixtieth on the ice rink, playing ice hockey with the future Minister of Defense: both could hardly stand on the ice, and yet the president scored seven goals, although he He discovered the game for himself only the previous year. Putin is just a genius.

Surgeon as a birthday gift

Then he celebrated the 65th day with Silvio Berlusconi, who gave him a complete set of bed linen resembling him and recommended a plastic surgeon. The surgeon was also a birthday present. During his 22 years in power, Putin has received every gift imaginable, from opposition journalists killed on his birthday to exotic animals. His love for animals is well known.

He was honored by dogs, tigers, crocodiles, white goats, a miniature donkey Stanislav, and Angela Merkel a cuckoo clock with a federal eagle, which allegedly could tell time in perfect German.


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