Fallberichte deuten darauf hin, dass nach einer COVID-19-Impfung ungewöhnlich häufig jüngere Patient:innen von einer Gürtelrose betroffen sind. Das absolute Risiko ist aber gering. (s / Foto: IMAGO / piemags)

However, cases of zoster-like skin lesions to AkdÄ, which occurred in close temporal relationship to Shingrix vaccination, have also been reported.®Happened – that is, after vaccination against herpes zoster. Even if causation has not been proven (yet) in this case as well, potential pathological mechanisms have already been considered, especially in this context: Since Shingrix®The vaccine is a recombinant subunit vaccine that, unlike the live vaccine, cannot directly stimulate HZ. Therefore, assuming that in some cases it is in fact HZ, it is conceivable that CD4-positive T lymphocytes attack VZV (varicella zoster virus) reservoir cells and remove the mechanisms that stabilize the latency state.

PEI has one in March 2020 Observational study For the question of the relationship between HZ and Shingrix®– Vaccination has begun – the end is planned for April 2021, the results are not yet published. The topic of possible reactivation of varicella-zoster virus after vaccination is under investigation before definitive data are released, but it will likely take some time. W: Although the question is interesting from a scientific point of view, you should not be tempted not to vaccinate because of it.


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