Fischer-Appelt established an influencer marketing unit
The unit is led by Eileen Dillenberg, Managing Director of Fisher-Abelt Relationships and responsible for Social Media, and Catherine Jobeig, Head of Influencer Marketing at the Fisher-Abelt Group. Both directors have already supported numerous clients with their marketing campaigns and influencer projects, including Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Mattel, GoDaddy, Bosch and Deutsche Telekom.

“For us, influencer marketing is more than just marketing products via TikTok or Instagram,” asserts Eugenia Lagman, who has been a member of the Fischer-Appelt board of directors since the beginning of August and is primarily responsible for creating the Influencers Zone. “It’s a decision in favor of Freundeskreis, Squad, a brand and thus a demanding strategic system that has truly become an integral part of the marketing mix.”

Board Member Fisher Abelt 2021

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Eugenia Lagman joins the Board of Directors

The agency group Fischer-Appelt is expanding the panel. Eugenia Lagman will be the new member of the senior management board on August 1st. This 41-year-old player comes from among her ranks and is responsible for PR, content and social media.

Eileen Dillenberg explains the central idea behind FA, Team Federation as follows: “Our team builds loyal groups of companies and brands that not only celebrate the good times, but also stand idly by in the tough times. Unity relies on the so-called ‘heart’ The Intelligence Approach, which means nothing more than a stronger link between AI and creativity. Specifically, this means that data is the basis for all decisions – from choosing the right influencer to closely cooperating with the influencer in all steps of the creative process to assessing measures.

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“Anyone who wants to do successful influencer marketing for brands and companies must contend with the ever-changing reality of influencers and social media platforms. The strategies, concepts, and content that transcends them no longer work,” Dillenburg continued. “This is why we also rely on the expertise of influencers in our structures.” Diana zur Lewin, for example, who has 1 million followers on Instagram is one of the influencers on the German-speaking social network, and is one of the external consultants for the FA team. Gen-Z YouTuber Jonah Püschel and Creator Can Günaydi are also at the start of the unit. NS


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