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Airbus went on strike shortly after 10 a.m. The background to this is the company’s management’s plans to split the parts and merge them into two new subsidiaries.

According to trade union IG Metall, Airbus sites in Hamburg and Buxtehude as well as the Premium Aerotec site in Varel are affected by the warning strike. At other locations, too, work should be shut down for 20 hours by Saturday morning. According to IG Metall, about 2,000 people gathered in front of the factory gate in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. “We will not let ourselves be divided!” and “Safe work for all!” I stood at the banners.

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My voice: Cautionary strike against rebuilding plans at Airbus (1 minute)

“We’re not getting anywhere at the negotiating table,” said Daniel Friedrich, IG Metall Coast area manager. Airbus rejects categorical commitments to all employees and sites, even his claims. Airbus announced in April that about 13,000 employees across Germany would switch to two new subsidiaries. One of them is supposed to build the fuselage, and the second is the smallest of individual parts.

More than 4,000 employees in Hamburg have been affected

More than 4,000 employees at the Hamburg site alone will be affected. IG Metall and job boards fear employees will work under worse conditions in the future.

Negotiations so far without results

Airbus management and the union have negotiated a compromise twice in the past few weeks – but to no avail. Airbus management showed its willingness to speak in a written announcement. Extensive presentations were made. For example, employees of new subsidiaries will be paid according to the tariff. On the other hand, IG Metall said: If Airbus no longer offers, it will not be the last blow.

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IG Metall calls for a social collective agreement

Airbus workers participate in a warning strike.  © NDR Photo: Jutta Przygoda

Parts of the Airbus workforce also took part in the warning strike on the Airbus site in Farel in Lower Saxony.

The union demands a social collective agreement regulating the conditions of workers affected by the restructuring. As a guarantee to the employees, IG Metall is claiming severance payments in the amount of three total monthly salaries for each year of employment in the base amount of €25,000, in the event the employees lose their jobs. According to IG Metall, about 13,000 employees at sites in Hamburg, Bremen and Stade as well as at Premium Aerotec in Nordenham, Varel and Augsburg are affected by the conversion plans.

Additional information

Dark clouds gather above the gates of the Airbus factory in Hamburg Finkenwerder.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Jonas Klotter

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Employees of the Airbus plant in Hamburg-Finkenwerder stand in front of the factory gates during an unusual business meeting and wave IG Metall flags.  The German workforce at Airbus and IG Metall is conflicting with the aircraft manufacturer's conversion plans.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Daniel Reinhardt

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